About me

I am Fabian Buhl, born on the second of november in 1990. I live in Oberstaufen, Bavaria and currently I am in Innsbruck, Austria, because I study geology at the university of Innsbruck.


I made a lot of sports since my early childhood, it reaches from alpine skiing, triathlon to swimming. But after quiting my alpine skiing career in spring 2006, I wanted to have a new challenge and found climbing. I was straight away fascinated buy the beauty of movements and alpine lines in great nature.

After just a few months of climbing outdoors and on easy alpine stuff, I wanted to develope myself as a climber. Therefore I went to the local gym in Scheidegg, there I was able to be part of a youth climbing group, we made different trips to France or Italy, but the most inspiring trip was the first to my beloved Cresciano,TI. This trip changed everything and I got really syked to train and boulder in order to climb all these amazing rocks, even today Ticino is the source of my motivation and it`s definetly the place I would like to have a winter domicile. It`s just THE mixture between perfect rock, good weather and a nice relaxed live style.